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Modular Furniture

Modular Furniture mostly used in Prefabricated house, it is very popular because it can be effectively used in a limited small space to maximize the living experience.For example,a modular wardrobe is integrated with wardrobe function and bed function,during daytime the bed can be flipped up into the wardrobe as  a Shelf and in the evening,the bed flipped down to be a real bed for slipping.

  • High space utilization

  • Multi-functional set

  • Easy to use

  • Prefabricated inside the house

  • Economical price

Basic Wood Material

Particle Board

Particle Board





Type Component Characteristic Application
Particle Board Wood chips and suitable binders. 1)Eco friendly;
2) Reasonable cost;
3) Slick, smooth & flat;
4)Scratch proof & moisture proof;
5)Good screw holding capacity & load bearing capacity.
Side panel;
Top panel;
Bottom panel;
Shelf and hinged doors.
MDF Separated fibers. 1)Hard & durable;
2)Easy to paint or shape;
3)No abruption, distortion.
Carcass panel;
Door core board;
Lattice shelf panel;
Wine rack partition panel;
Lacquer and PVC door panel.
Plywood Several layers from sheets of veneer or plies. 1) Eco friendly;
2) Light weight and beautiful texture;
3)Moisture proof, heat proof & abrasion proof;
4)Good load bearing capacity & screw holding ability.
Door panel;
Back panel;
Lattice side panel.

Typical Unit

  • Size Can be Customized


Kitchen Module

Kithen Module

Bedroom module

Bedroom Module

Living Room Module

Living Room Module

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