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prefab house

Flat-pack Prefab House

The Flat-pack Prefab House is a kind of modular prefab structure, consisting of light steel frame and thermal insulation material. It is a new type of energy conservation and environment protection house which is easy and convenient to install.This product is widely used in temporary buildings, such as offices, dormitories, storage, economical hotels, etc.

Product service life time is about 15 years.

  • Up to 75% Freight Cost Saving

  • CSC Certificated to All Part of World

  • Obey Intermodel Standard

  • Up To Enev2014

  • 360° Insulation

  • Fireproof A

  • TUV Test Report

  • Up to REI60

Main Structure

1 Top frame
2 Bottom frame
3 Corner Posts: 4 posts
4 14 pieces exchangeable wall panels
5 Windows
6 Doors
7 Electrical system
8 Plumbing system(for option)
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The advantages

The container house can be linked freely at length, width and height through the linking kits for bigger structure and different layout.

prefab house installation

The standard house can be packed in one package, including roof structure,floor, wall panels, doors, windows and interior decoration.

prefab house packing

The standard house can be packed in one package for quick material collection and four workers can erect 5 units per day.

prefab house installation

Several sets of the flat package could replace the shipping space of one container to save the transport cost and time.

modular house
modular house
modular house
modular house
modular house

The forklift pockets on the cabin structure enables forklift capability and the corner casting structure enables lifting capability.

modular house delivery


prefab house size
Flatpack L W H L W H Height
Exterior Interior
type 8’×10′ 2989mm 2435mm 2610mm
2795mm 2240mm 2320mm
432mm(6 in one Bundle)
518mm(5 in one Bundle)
648mm(4 in one Bundle)
864mm(3 in one Bundle)
1296mm(2 in one Bundle)
8’×16′ 4885mm 4710mm 1600
8’×20′ 6055mm 5860mm 1950
8’×24′ 7296mm 7140mm 2300
8’×30′ 9120mm 8925mm 2550
10’×20′ 6055mm 3000mm 5860mm 2800mm 2020

①:The mentioned weights are valid for standard configuration and can vary depending on configuration and equipment;
②:6 flatpacks in one bundle means there’s no wall panel inside; the others depend on the configuration and equipment;
③:The width of the walkway floors can be customized, but cannot be packed in flatpacks;
④:If transported in flatpacks, one bundle will need 3 standard 20′ GP shipping space.


 Parts Roof pod   Base pod
Image Image
Corner part H=155mm Corner part H=170mm
Main beam T=3mm, galvanized and painted Main beam T=3mm, galvanized and painted
Conduit 25mm PPR Floor deck Fiber cement, T=18mm
Faceplate T=0.426 Floor T=2mm PVC
Insulation 70mm injected PU, density=40kg/m³ Insulation Fiber glass T=70~100mm, density=12kg/m³, optional
Electricity 6 ways Distritution box, 2 breakers, 2 lights Baseplate T=0.42mm steel plate
Weight 350kgs Weight 850kgs
Loading 1kN/㎡ Loading 1kN/㎡
Parts Post   Wall panel
Image Image
Size H=2266mm Size W1155*H2300*T75~100mm
Weight 24kgs Insulation EPS/PU/Minal wool, T=50~75~100mm
   Packing 2pc/carton, each carton 50kgs Faceplate T=0.426~0.5~0.6mm,
Bolts M10*20 bolts for connection Treatment 50/50g/㎡ Zinc-Alu. Galvanized, 20/20um PE painting
Material Q345 Door & Window Door: W900*H2050mm; Window: W800*H1100mm,
pre-installed into the wall panels
Cable Pre-installed

Typical Application

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