Modular Building Industry Brief Analysis

Before everyone knows PPVC (Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction) I believe you have heard of things that modified a container into a contaier living house, for example you can always see their presence in construction site of many cities. As the original prototype of PPVC, this kind of container metal house can not meet people’s requirements for comfort and safety of residence due to its structure and material limitations. But as the industrialization of buildings becomes more and more professional. This simple form of housing, once characterized by “quick”, “simple” and “cheap”, also begun to have new pursuits for its own quality.

simple container metal house

simple container metal house

So,you may ask,How is the modular construction industry situation now?

modern modular construction

modern modular construction

The basic construction technology developed vary fast these year but the standardization of prefabricated supporting parts developed slower, such as prefabricated external walls, standard prefabricated modular connectors and other PC parts are not so mature in the country now, so every company’s cooperation is not that good. At the same time, because of the nature of land and the special context of existing urban planning, the use of PPVC is extremely limited.

The today’s PPVC is different from the container house which we usually know, now PPVC is no longer based on the container structure. We have been to a few PPVC manufacturers who have developed their own unique steel structure system, like normal steel construction, each manufacturer has its own professional supporting design department rather than simply modified fabrication.

Another point to note is that while everyone know how to create a modular house UNIT, but the remote logistic, lifting and high-stack technology used in conjunction with these modular unis did not go as well.

Due to these situation, most people’s understanding of PPVC only stay in the panel board room or similar small-medium-sized caravan camp.

Therefore, for Lotus Modular, the responsibility of promotion and popularizing modular buildings is still long-awaited.It not only requires our efforts, but also needs the help of people from all walks of life.

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