This huge block is actually a conceptual living space designed by MVRDV – Wego House. Wego house consists of 9 containerized modules of different colors, each module can be customized to different configurations according customer’s requirements.

Each module unit in Wego House belongs to the different types of users; many shelves are set on the walls of the purple unit, various kinds of plant, a ladder and a hammock are set in the fluorescent green unit. On the other side, a transparent balcony is set in the pink unit, and the yellow unit is presented in a multilevel attic style.

Wego House is a kind of exploration for the form of the future residence, all kinds of people can find a satisfactory living space here.

This design created by MVRDV was on display at Dutch Design Week 2017.

OK, I believe you have found that this product can be achieved by our Modular Building System.

Do not hesitate, contact us soon, enjoy your own house from Here.

Reprint From: IDEAMSG

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