Commercial Building

For the different requirements, our commercial buildings can be divided into 3 systems by different construction method,which is Permanent Modular Building,Precast Concrete Building and Light Steel Structure Building.We provide one-stop solution service including design,purchasing,production,delivery and erection.

Construction Method

PMC is an innovative, sustainable construction delivery method utilizing offsite, lean manufacturing techniques to prefabricate single or multi-story whole building solutions in deliverable module sections. PMC buildings are manufactured in a safe, controlled setting and can be constructed of wood, steel or concrete. PMC modules can be integrated into site built projects or stand alone as a turn-key solution, and can be delivered with MEP, fixtures and interior finishes in less time, with less waste and higher quality control compared to projects utilizing only traditional site construction.

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PC (Precast concrete) is a construction product produced by casting concrete in the factory, transported to the jobsite and then erected.

Most PC components of our precast concrete building are produced in the factory, transported to the construction site, and then erected. Precision, quality and cost control are guaranteed by mass production on the automated streamline. On the construction site, we apply tower and mobile cranes for the lifting system. Compared with conventional construction methods, we do not use scaffolding system, reduce wet work and produce much less construction waste, noise and dust.

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Light steel building are manufactured by Stud Mill which combined FrameCAD  software with Heyes’ roll forming technology. Using profiled steel as the structural frame, and finished by the factory prefab wall panels, which are transported and assembled as complete pieces on site.

The complexity designs of layout and facade to satisfy people from different background or with different artistic taste can be easily achieved according to the various options of construction  methods of Light steel building. This type of buildings has over 50-year service lifetime, because of the durably structural and decorative materials, which has been approved by the western countries.

Luxury, elegance and aesthetics are the first expression of the Light steel building to people.
Comfort, durability and safety are the second expression of the Light steel building to people.

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Our Full Service

Lotus is dedicated to providing satisfying projects solutions to all our clients, in which Design & Engineering plays a critical role.

Lotus is home to an experienced engineering team consisted of both CAD and 3D members who can output qualified project designs in accordance with regional standards, together with our R & D members and skilled installers, within which the architectural/structural design is for free and the electrical/hydraulic design will be charged based on a reasonable rate.


Home to near 100 full time factory workers and advanced producing technologies such as laser cutting, robot manipulator welding and manipulator arm etc., and over 10000 sqm in area, Ark is able to produce at least 15 units per day and deliver bundles on time.

Lotus products are both CE & BCA(Building Code of Australia) certified, and tested to have met other regional standards. Based on the ISO 9001 management system, our Quality Control (QC) staff together with R&D Managers are not only concentrating on the quality, but also dedicated to innovating ‘sustainable’ & energy-efficient modular buildings.Manufacturing

As the modular building system is closely tied to the housing decorations, it is essential to provide related accessories along with the modular cabins. With the professional purchasing team members, ARK is able to provide valued and suitable accessories options for the customers, such as electrics, plumbing gears, furnitures and so on with varied local and international quality and safety standards certificates.

As all our products-related projects are connected to:

  • · Earthworks
  • · Civil Works
  • · Foundations
  • · Building Construction
  • · Plumbing Works
  • · Electrician Works

Ark is home to professional construction team consisted of plumbers, electricians, carpenters and roofers etc.

modular container building

ARK’s factory is near the port of Shanghai, with flexible logistical options for products ex-factory. In addition, as situated in Shanghai, One of the biggest port in China, ARK’s products are so convenient for transportation to places all over the world, from Africa, Middle East, South America, to North America, Europe, and Australia and so on.


Ark is also involved in the areas of steel structured building such as pre-engineered building. Any projects would become easier and smoother in the presence of Ark’s knowledge and experience in this field.